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Massive Overhaul

👤 🕔 February 4, 2014 0

Version 2.0 of icodesgenerator has taken on a whole new look as well as some other goodies!  We completely redesigned the softwares interface to be much more user friendly.  We also got rid of the help pop ups since most people were getting annoyed by them and requested to have them removed.

A few minor bugs have also been worked out and taken care of in this release.  This only applies to some people on very old operating systems, icodesgenerator will now work without a problem on any older OS.

As requested we have no added the option for you to generate $100 worth of iTunes codes!  Now you have four values of your choosing when generating a code, you will be able to generate each value once per 24 hours.  After that time you may generate another set of codes if you do so choose.

Enjoy your free iTunes codes!